A poor man with a lot of money…

Saw a very interesting movie the other day, Love in the Time of Cholera, based on a story by the legendary Colombian author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

At one point the main character says to his uncle, “I want to be a rich man like you.” To which his uncle immediately replied, “I’m not a rich man, just a poor man with a lot of money.” Point taken. Sometimes I feel like a rich man with not much money. Abundance and all that…

Later our protagonist was told off by his uncle, for whose company he was now working, for being too poetic and dewy-eyed in the way he wrote his bills of lading and dealt with the company correspondence. “But,” replied our hero, “love is the only thing that interests me.” Right again, brother. When you take the bigger picture into consideration, nothing else matters.

Finally towards the end of the movie, when in his old age he finally gets the chance to woo the love of his life, an opportunity he’d been patiently awaiting for over 50 years, he explained to her that only our bodies get older but our spirits and our hearts never change. Of course – how perceptive. That explains why I still feel like a 24-year-old even though my body is two and a half times more than that age.

If you like romantic films with a philosophical slant, get this one out on DVD and give it a spin. Let me know if you enjoy it.

2 Responses to “A poor man with a lot of money…”

  1. Tim Says:

    I saw Love at the Time of Cholera at a cinema and enjoyed it immensely… I recall that it had some profound messages but guess I wasn’t listening as astutely as you Dave as I missed those prize quotes…

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