The Five Pillars of Happiness

Hooray and hallelujah, let joy be unconfined, let there be dancing in the streets, may mayhem reign supreme… Guess what????????????
At last my book has been published! Wicked or wot?
It’s called The Five pillars of Happiness (author: Dave Robson) and it takes a holistic approach to rebuilding your life from square one in such a way that you get it exactly as you want it to be – no compromises. For example, your life can take on meaning and purpose, joy, success, abundance, balance – and you learn how you can achieve your wildest dreams.
First the book guides you while you undertake some self-exploration to be really sure of what you want in your life, then it gives you the tools, tips and techniques you need to help you achieve what you want.
 Most important, we take a good look at the limiting beliefs that stop you, and learn how to deal with them.
This is the culmination of a fifteen year project for me in which I combine my many years life coaching experience with over forty years on the path of personal development and self-discovery. That’s why this book is loaded with stuff you need to read if you are serious about making your life better.
If you enjoy this blog you’ll love this book. You can order it online from or directly from the publisher at Books.html or if you prefer to shop in person, Waterstones is the place to go.
Go in peace and above all, enjoy…

One Response to “The Five Pillars of Happiness”

  1. Gil Says:

    Dave, well done ! Excelent news and at last your wisdome is available in print.

    Keep Happy… Gil.

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