The rocky road to adulthood

Long time, no post. Sorry folks, lots of stuff to sort out, but now I’m back.

Been thinking about why 2010 was such a difficult year for so many of us and how to make sure 2011 is the best year ever, and this is what occurred to me:

Some five or six years ago I decided it was time to give up what I call my Peter Pan syndrome, i.e. my refusal to grow up and be a fine, upstanding adult member of society, and also to make some reasonably serious money. I didn’t realise at the time that it would be such a hard struggle to make the metamorphosis, as it were, but I reckon that’s what last year was about for me.

Ah well, sixty is the new thirty, I suppose, and better late than never.

Now I hope I’m on the home straight towards being fully fledged, and I understand why I never grew up before. It’s too scary.

To make this happen. I’ve been using one of my brilliant coaching tools. It’s called act as if… The idea is, if you’re facing a scary challenge and your knees turn to jelly, just act as if you’re supremely confident and your self-belief is sky-high, take a deep breath and get on with meeting the challenge, whatever it might be, full on. After a while, as you start to get results, genuine confidence starts to build and the acting is allowed to recede. In this way you give birth to a new “can-do” mindset.

To help bring this positive state of mind into existence in my head I’ve created a new affirmation for wake-up time every morning. I say to myself, or out loud if I’m alone, “I wonder what wondrous things will come my way today? Whatever it is, bring it on. I welcome the unknown.”

Do I believe that? Do I heck! But it is starting to have a positive effect and it certainly helps me to get going.

The mystic Osho used to say, “life should be a flow from the known to the unknown.” Well it certainly is that, and I certainly know I’m alive!

2 Responses to “The rocky road to adulthood”

  1. influenceversuscontrol Says:

    I like the concept of live “As If”. I first heard this when I read “The Success Principals by Jack Canfield.

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